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Mitchell V. Karl
TMJ Migraine and Headache Relief

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Treating your TMJ with a gentle dental approach

East Brunswick Dentist | Dentist in East Brunswick


Our goal is to gently and naturally bring the head, neck, jaw and occlusion (bite) into neuromuscular alignment. In other words, the head literally teeters on top of the cervical spine, with the center of gravity forward of the spine, tethered to the body by the muscles of the joint systems. Functional and resting head posture depends on the proper tension in these muscles. Movement of the jaw is related not only to chewing muscles, but also to chewing patterns and head and neck posture. Head and neck posture and jaw relationships are therefore all intimately connected, and a change in one necessarily affects the others.

Optimal results in relieving TMJ dysfunction, headache, and head and neck related discomfort can only be achieved by taking into account this dynamic interrelationship among head and neck posture, jaw position, and dental occlusion.

East Brunswick Dentist | Dentist in East Brunswick
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1. Pain around your ears 
2. Pain in your jaw, tooth, face, neck, or shoulders
3. Clicking or popping of your jaw (jaw instability)
4. Inability to open your mouth, with or without pain, in the normal range of motion
5. Grinding your teeth
6. Ringing or fullness in your ears
7. Migraine headaches or any other type of headaches
8. Sinus pressure and lack of draining

There are many causes:

1. Trauma/whiplash
2. Braces/dental work
3. Stress/teeth grinding
4. Dental malocclusions
5. Missing or bad teeth
6. Muscle abuse/overuse
7. Inflammation
8. Disease

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